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Hand-operated magnetic sweeper from Magna-C

we'll deal with your dirt!

Don't wait for the first accident!

Wherever metal parts like chips, nails, screws or needles pose a risk to people or tyres, this magnetic sweeper will guarantee your safety.

The benefits for you:

  • The magnetic sweeper removes chips, nails, pieces of wire:
  • from the workshop floor,
  • from floor joins, holes and recesses,
  • from spaces between machines.
  • Conventional sweepers fail to do this. The magnetic sweeper, on the other hand, attracts the metallic particles and drops them at the desired location.

Product features for your benefit:

  1. Convenient handling thanks to: the sweeper guide on a telescopically adjustable handle with ergonomically shaped grip. Depositing of the collected parts by lifting the magnet system via two tie rods on a handle clamp.
  2. The magnet system moves sealed within an aluminium square tube. The outer steel caps carry the wheel suspension and wheels.
  3. Wide sweeper suitable for wide corridors, loading ramps, limited parking areas, etc.
  4. Devices designed for safe lifting of small metallic parts in a manageable quantity.


Ready to ship - Delivery time: 1-2 working days Ready to ship - Delivery time: 1-2 working days
Delivery time: approx. 5-10 business days Delivery time: approx. 5-10 business days
Art.No. Total width
Magnetic brush
Ground clearance mm
Product weight in kg Price per unit  
≥1 ≥3 ≥5
36326 700 25 6.6 229,34 €* 211,06 €* 195,50 €*
36327 1000 25 8.4 287,53 €* 265,17 €* 228,07 €*

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