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EN 71 CH magnetic foil

Removable advertising at trade fairs and on cars


Magnetic foils consist of flexible carrier materials, in which finely ground magnetic material is embedded.


 As one of the first providers, we have for many years been using only non-hazardous magnetic components for our foils, and thus meet the strict requirements of the German-European standard DIN EN 71 / 3 regarding non-toxicity.


Magnetic foils stick to cars or advertising space at trade fair stands as removable advertising media.

Cut into warning and information signs, they can also be found on elevator doors or on machine cladding.

Punched into small labels, they can be used for mobile warehouse shelf labelling.

Magnetic foils from Magna-C are weather- and UV-resistant. They are resistant to many chemicals. List of resistances available on request.

The benefits for you from EN 71 CH 

  • Adheres reliably to vehicles. Pull force tested on company vehicles up to 200 km per hour.(note proper sign positioning) Table values are lab values.
  • Easy to print or laminate thanks to perfect, smooth, shadowless surface.
  • Magnetic foil remains permanently flexible. The cover foil protects against embrittlement.
  • Does not stick to the holding surface until approx. 80 °C. 
  • Always supplied with detailed instructions for use for traders and users.

Magnetic foils, white

Welded with matt white cover foil. 



Ready to ship - Delivery time: 1-2 working days Ready to ship - Delivery time: 1-2 working days
Delivery time: approx. 5-10 business days Delivery time: approx. 5-10 business days
Art.No. Length
Color Product weight in kg Price per unit  
10132 10 0,61 0,9 Rot 20 40,00 €*
10152 10 0,61 0,9 Grün 20 40,00 €*
10162 10 0,61 0,9 Blau 20 40,00 €*
10172 10 0,61 0,9 orange 20 40,00 €*

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